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Reconing is the replacement of all of the moving parts inside the speaker. This includes the replacement of the cone, spider, voice coil, surround, gaskets, dust cap and wire leads.

Reasons for reconing could include: 
    • a damaged or burned voice coil
    • a torn spider
    • a damaged or torn cone 
    • a damaged or torn surround

The only reused parts in reconing are usually the speaker magnet and frame. Reconing returns your speaker to as close to a new condition as possible.

Resurround (Refoaming or ReEdging)

Resurrounding is the replacement of the outer foam rubber edge that attaches the speaker cone to the frame.

The need for resurrounding is most commonly due to the deterioration of the aging foam surrounds. Foam deterioration happens when the surround ages and can also be affected by environmental conditions and usage of the speaker.

As long as all of the remaining speaker parts are in good working condition, resurrounding works well and is a more economical repair option than reconing. In some cases, however, there can be damage to the voice coil, cone or spider such that resurrounding is not an option and reconing is required.