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Please print and fill out the Shipping Form and place inside each box

Send the problem speaker following these shipping guidelines:

  1. Place the speaker in a sturdy cardboard box. Double the box for heavier speakers (Note: Please do not send the entire cabinet unless the problem is in the wiring, crossover or the cabinet itself.)
  2. Protect the cone by covering the front of the speaker with flat, rigid cardboard to avoid punctures or creases during shipping.
  3. If shipping two or more small speakers, individually box them and pack into one box.
  4. Make sure there is at least 4 to 5 inches of tightly packed foam, packaging paper or bubble wrap around all sides. Please do not use styrofoam peanuts, as they do not properly secure the speaker during shipping.
  5. Place the completed shipping form (click here) in the box with the speaker.

We will contact you by phone or email when your repair has been received and evaluated!


Shipping Address:

Dixie Speaker Repair
Attn: Service

3229 Veteran’s Circle, Suite 103
Birmingham, Alabama 35235


General Terms:

Delivering your speaker to Dixie Speaker for repair constitutes an agreement between you, the customer, and Dixie Speaker, that you will pay any and all charges incurred as a result of repairing your speaker. Any quotes given for the cost of repair are estimates only and are subject to change with the varying costs of parts, shipping and unforeseen problems with your speaker. 

No speakers, cabinets, or any other components will be held by Dixie Speaker for more than 60 days after the notification date of the completion of your repair. No repaired equipment, of any type, will be released or shipped back to the customer until all due charges for repair and shipping have been received. Any equipment not claimed after 60 days from the notification date of your repair will be deemed abandoned and Dixie Speaker may sell your equipment as liquidated damages and apply any monies collected towards the balance of your account. Any past due accounts may be charged an additional monthly storage fee until the repaired equipment has been sold.