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BMD-450 Replacement Diaphragm (Fits Various)

  • $ 3900

The BMD-450 diaphragm fits the following drivers:

Mackie: 1701-8, 17018, CD10-1701-8, CD10-1701, DC10-1701, DC10/1701-8, DC-10-1701, CD10/1701-8, SRM450, SRM-450, SRM 450, C300Z, C-300Z, C 300Z, SA-1521, SA1521, SA 1521, SR-1522, SR1522, SR 1522, 0025666, 0008093, 77005-014, S-215, S215 S 215, S-225, S225, S 225

Behringer: 44T30D8, 44P60A8, 44T60C8, 44P60-8, 44P60A-8, B-1220, B1220 B 1220, B-1520, B-1520, B 1520, EUROLIVE, B-315D, B315D, B412DSP, B 412DSP, 44T30D8, F-1220, F1220, F 1220

American Audio: BMD-450, BMD450, BMD 450

EAW: VR-51, VR51, VR 51, VR-M12, VRM12, VR M12, 1703-8, CD10-1703-8, CD10 1703-8, CD10/1703-8, CD10-1703-8, TW-44, TW44, DFX-TW-44

P. Audio: 440, BMD-440, BMD440, 450, BMD-450, BMD450, BMD 450, Co-Ax BM-10, BM10, BM10CXA, BM-10CXA, BM-10CXHA, BM-12, BM12, BM12CXA, BM-12CXA, BM-12CXHA, BM-15, BM15, BM15CXA, BM-15CXA, BM15CXHA

Turbosound: RD-111, RD111, RD 111, RD-111-8, CD-111, CD111, CD 111, CD-111-8, TXD-121, TXD121, TXD 121, TXD-121-8, TXD-12M, TXD12M, TXD 12M, TXD-12M-8, TXD-151, TXD151, TXD 151, TXD-151-8. 

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